Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures are updated regularly. Click on the individual documents to read the current policy or procedure.

Accidents and First Aid Policy Mar 19

Administering Medicines Mar 19

Admissions Policy September 2019 (revised April 2020)

Adverse weather Policy Apr 19

Allergies, Allergic reactions and Nut Free Setting Policy Mar 19

Animals in the setting Apr 19

Arrivals and Departures Oct 20

Behaviour Management Policy Oct 19

Children’s Rights & Entitlements Oct 20

Code of Conduct May 17

Complaint Form Jun 18

Complaints & Compliments Policy Jun 18

Confidentialiity Policy Sep 17

Conflict of Interest Policy Jun 18

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Policy Oct 20

Critical Incident Mar 19

Finance Policy Sept 2019

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedure Apr 19

Food Hygiene inc Reporting Food Poisoning Mar 19

General Data Protection Regulation Policy 0518

Grievance Policy and Procedure Oct 19

Health & Safety General Standards Mar 19

Healthy Food & Drink Mar 19

Information Sharing Jun 18 – If you wish to see the Guidance relating to this policy, please contact the pre school.

Intimate Care Nappy Changing Policy Mar 19

Late Collection & Uncollected Child Oct 20

Lock Down Procedure Apr 19

Lost Missing Child Oct 20

Maintaining children’s safety and security on the premises Mar 19

Outdoors Outings and Visits Mar 19

Parental Involvement Policy Jan 18

Play Equipment, Toys & resources Policy Apr 19

Procedure for Notifying Ofsted of New or Changes to Committee Members Apr 18

Recording & Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Mar 19

Removal of Records from Setting Sep 17

Risk Assessment Apr 19

Safeguarding children and child protection Oct 20

Separated Family Policy Jan 18

Sickness and Illness Mar 19

Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Policy Apr 19

Staff & Child Absence Policy Jan 18

Staffing, Recruitment & Induction Policy Apr 19

Students, Work Experience Pupils and Volunteers Apr 19

Supervision & Performance Review Procedure Oct 19

Supporting Children with SEND Jun 18

Tapestry Policy Jun 18

The Role of the Key Person and Settling In Jun 18

Use of Mobile Phones, Cameras & Social Networking Policy Oct 20

Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality Apr 18

Whistle Blowing Policy Mar 19